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Sometimes I forget there’s music being made in other parts of the world. Oh, there’s a lot going on here, I know—the rise of iPods and the mostly wonderful resultant fragmentation of music. But let’s just talk pop. Pop radio play in the US. Ehh. I don’t actually really have a strong opinion about it, I realize now that I’ve totally set myself up to say it’s awful. I don’t care whether it’s awful or vibrantly creative. The point of this post is to share some Kpop. Pop music from Korea. Because to me it feels fresh and different, like it’s slicing from a different angle than I’m used to.

We’ll start with something fairly bland, amusing only for the sight of Koreans acting like American hiphop stars:

And this, which is kind of like a Korean version of the Pussycat Dolls:

….Aaaand the relatively nice-girl version of a girl group, T-Ara:

Which are pretty standard pop fare.

But I really like this. This girl is fierce!

And this is…strangely arresting. Behold G-Dragon:

And this. This is the masterpiece of the set. It’s G-Dragon with T.O.P., both reeking of charisma. And the song rocks:

If you’re not done with world music yet, here’s something from India. And this has to go here somewhere: Colbert doing K-pop.


New research on the seminal Bargh priming effect shakes up our understanding of what is going on. ¬†Looks like some of the effect was from experimenter bias. Even more interestingly, evidence emerged that when there is a measurable effect, it is somehow¬†“cued or amplified via experimenter¬†signaling“—it didn’t appear when the experimenters didn’t know what they were testing for.